Statement Furniture Find

There are places in every home that are screaming for a killer piece of furniture.  Something big that will be the focal point of the room.  A storage horse is usually a convenient perk, but just finding that fabulous piece can be challenging enough. I am always drawn to statement furniture.  I don't know why except that they are by definition eye-catching.  Soo, I went meandering through Midland Antique Market in Indy a little while ago and found this big, beautiful Madam...

Midland Market 1 - Meridian Abbey
Midland Market 1 - Meridian Abbey

Every home requires at least one antique.  It adds character and a bit of a story.  It can be a beautiful framed sepia photograph or a lamp or... maybe... HER.   (I don't even know what to call her. armoire?  A big ass cabinet?  Nooo, I'll just stick with Madam.)

Please forgive the horrible pink and green - I couldn't exactly move her to get a good picture.  She is about 6' tall and wide, and just under 24" deep.  The hinged doors open up and fold back almost completely so she doesn't get much wider than she already is.  And except for the wide stile right down the middle of her making her only slighting less accessible, the deep shelves inside of her could be adjusted or removed so the storage can be used however you wanted.

She'd be a natural at showing off.  I see a collection of Pendleton blankets stacked up next to a number of coffee table books.  Old-fashions snuggled next to a decanter or two set up on a shiny, hammered stainless tray.

She actually caught my eye for my home office.  She is roomy enough to store my printer (and still be able to use it), files, binders, sample materials, reams of paper, and paper trays of letterhead with room to spare.  Yes, she's that big.

Midland Market 2 - Meridian Abbey
Midland Market 2 - Meridian Abbey

So she needs a little work here and there - she's old and deserves the attention.  Let's be honest, I think we all hope to age as gracefully as her.

But this, Madam, would make a great statement piece in your home!


Have a great day!

                           ~ Abigail

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