"Would You Drink Chattanooga Whiskey?"

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So?  Would you drink Chattanooga whiskey?  Enough Chattanoogans said they would, that in 2011, the owners of a company that didn't even exist yet decided to change a nearly 100 year old law that prohibited the production of whiskey in the southeastern corner of the state.  Eventually they won (obviously! Woohoo!) and the result is a great selection of whiskey for Noogans to sip whenever they want!  There is a great history of that process and the company at BitterSoutherner.com.  No sense in re-writing their already detailed and entertaining account.  I just want to share pics from my visit. :)


Right off the bat, the branding was the most visually pleasing thing.  Way to go @ChattWhiskey for developing great, eye catching graphics in addition to amazing whiskey!  They have a variety of swag you can walk out with, including clothing, bar accouterments, cocktail mixers, stickers, and wood barrel staves to make your very own tasting trays... 


The tour took us down into the aging space.  I'm sure there is an official term for the basement cellar, but I'm not sure what it is.  Again, the branding looked great, even on the wine barrel they were borrowing to age a special small batch of whiskey. 


They used old wood staves all over the place including this wall divider between the entryway of the stillhouse and the rest of the building.  The bar was covered in them resulting in a wall that resembled an over-sized basket.  They used both sides of the staves, and left a lot of the authentic details in place, including the steel strap marks and the random bung hole.  The warmth and rustic feel of it added personality to the already very cool, old factory building.


There were a TON of people that went through the tour when we did, so I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked, but this place is definitely unique and absolutely worth a visit!  I really recommend taking a look at The Bitter Southerner's post about Chattanooga Whiskey Co.  You can see a lot more photos of the space and that deserves attention as much as the whiskey does!

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