TED Talk: Design Is In The Details

I am a HUGE fan of TED Talks.  I tell everyone about them.  It isn't so much that I just talk about them, I almost evangelize about them.  If you haven't listened to any I highly recommend it!  They are amazing.  NPR has TED Radio Hour so you can listen in your car.  It used to air on Saturdays, but they may be on Sundays now.  I'm not sure.  They discuss challenging, sometimes intimate, topics that inspire and motivate and make you consider things in ways you never would have otherwise.

Although this TED talk isn't specifically to do with interior design, it is to do with design in general and is a great metaphor for all the things good interior designers strive to do for our clients.  The speaker, Paul Bennett, is a creative director for a cool little company called Ideo, which, as you will see, creates some very ingenious things.  Watch and enjoy!

It took me four straight, non-stop views and once where stopped, went back, and started again to take down all of the interesting tidbits from this video.  Paul gives us some pretty good quote-ables too.  My favorite right off the top is "gadget lust-ish", which I think describes most men perfectly.  

I love innovation in design and the practical, almost common sense, ways things can be improved for anyone and everyone.  I am going to break this up into two posts, so I'll follow-up with my notes and observations next week, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on his talk.  What was your favorite part?  Are there areas in your home that you KNOW can function better if only you could see them with a fresh eye?  Let's hear 'em all!


                                ~ Abigail