I have a BIG announcement!

I don't feel like beating around the bush today, so I'm just gonna come straight out with it...


Meridian Abbey Interiors is officially open for business!

aahhhh cat | Meridian Abbey
aahhhh cat | Meridian Abbey

Iiiii know!!


So, while I'm trying to spiff up my website and get the need to know info out there for all to see, I am using my long neglected blog to entertain and delight.  And hopefully blog.

If there is any info you know you would appreciate seeing here, please don't hold back!  Share.  It means you care.  And I gotta know what you want to know so I can give it to you!

For the very basics in the Meridian Abbey world, you can visit my facebook, pinterest, instagram, and twitter pages.  Please friend, like, heart, follow, comment, hashtag, and whatever else you can possibly do.  I'm still getting my feet wet with instagram and twitter so there isn't a ton of activity yet, but I'll be getting into that more as I wrap up the vital bits.

If you do swing by, please let me know you were there!

I. CANNOT. WAIT to get this show on the road.

Talk with you soon,

                   ~ Abigail